Be United, Be Unique

Over drinks one evening, there was talk of beards, beard oil and what it is to be a man.  What we all agreed on was this: Regardless of culture, profession or beliefs, guys seem to find a way to be, well, just guys. United but unique.

We also agreed that there aren’t very many men’s products on the market and that the ladies get all the cool stuff. Well, we want to smell and look good too, without having to resort to using products meant for the ladies.

And so, United Beards Company was born.

We’re kicking off our line with beard oils and balms but have more in the works that will be appreciated by your skin and more importantly, your partner!

All our products are made from  100% natural ingredients and don’t contain any chemicals, man made fragrances or enhancements. The only animals we test on, are each other (we’re expendable, our furry friends are not!)

We are loving the online communities of bearded brothers and are happy to see men chatting, asking for advice on how to look and be their best.

United Beards Company is totally onboard with the betterment of men and are here to help as well.  So reach out with questions, Whether it’s what to use for dry skin or what to make for dinner, we believe in inclusivity and community and Why wouldn’t you want to be a part of that.

Now go buy some beard oil and we promise we won’t make sing Kumbaya!!!

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